Quotes My husband and my older son play soccer. So my 3-year-old has always loved the sport. We've looked at the few other programs out there that have classes for little ones and none of them do what Soccer Kids Fun does. My son is learning skills through fun games and all the coaches are energetic and engaging with the kids. We are so happy! Quotes
#1 Soccer Mom
We are all thrilled!

Quotes My 3 -year-old does not listen to anyone but mom. He is pretty shy and does not play with kids too much. After the first couple of classes at Soccer Kids Fun, I saw a change in his personality. He now loves going to class and playing with the other kids. All week, he's asking when soccer class is. I wish I could bottle the coaches techniques, games and passion. Quotes
Daddy Soccer
He's playing soccer and behaving.

Quotes I was skeptical when I took my 2 year old son to Soccer Kids Fun at such a young age. I can't keep him engaged for more than 10 seconds at a time. I did not think he would be able to stay engaged. Boy was I wrong. He loves it! and actually follows the coaches instructions. I have never seen him try so hard and smile so much. The games they teach kids with are awesome. Thanks Quotes
2 years old and loving soccer

Quotes My child is 5 and very shy. I have tried to place her in t-ball, gymnastics, dance and other soccer programs, but she never wanted to attend after the first day of class. Now, she LOVES Soccer Kids Fun. All she does during the week is ask me "when can I play soccer again?". I am so happy. Thanks Coaches! Quotes
Soccer mom 101
Can't believe my child!

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