1. What should we bring to class?

    We recommend you bring: a water bottle, lawn chairs, sunscreen, snacks, and camera or video to capture your kids having a great time!

  2. Do we need to buy uniforms?

    We use "Soccer Kids Fun" t-shirts as our team uniform and they are available for $11 each or two for $20.

  3. Are there any additional fees for the class?

    Yes, there is fee of $24 for registrations, insurance and t-shirts.

    So the total is $109 per 8 week session.

  4. How much does the 8 week class cost?

    The 8 week program is $85. There is an additional $24/season registration,, insurance and t-shirt fee.

    Total is $109 for 8 weeks

  5. Do we need to buy soccer cleats and shin guards?

    Cleats and shin guards are optional for outside grass field classes.  Soccer cleats are NOT ALLOWED in non grass playing fileds.

  6. Will we be playing other teams?

    Only in the Spring, the GRIZZLIES play games. For the other CUBS and BEARS, this is a non-competitive environment. We teach kids all the essential soccer skills and the love of the game. For the BEARS, at the end of each practice, there is a scrimmage so that the kids get used to what it's like to play a game.

  7. How will I know if a class is cancelled for bad weather?

    We all know the saying in Texas: "If you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes!" So check your email in the early morning of your scheduled class.  If there is NO EMAIL, the class will go on.  We will comunicate with you via e-mail for all class cancelations or re-schedules.

  8. If class is cancelled due to weather will it be rescheduled?

    Yes, we will reschedule UP TO 2 classes due to bad weather, usually at the end of the season.

  9. Should I arrive early the 1st day of class

    Yes, arrive  15-30 minutes early to complete registrations.

  10. Are there restrooms at the soccer field locations?

    In most cases, yes, but please have your child go the restroom before attending class.  Some restrooms are located far away from the field.

  11. What is the ratio of children per coach in a class?

    We have very small class sizes with a minimum of 1 coach per 8-12 kids.

  12. Can my child try the class to see if he or she likes it?

    Definitely! You can try one class to see how your child does and if he/she likes it. We are confident they will LOVE Soccer Kids Fun. 

  13. Is there a referral incentive?

    Yes, you will receive $10 off for each referral.  Make sure the person you are refering lists your name in the registration form, in the field: "how did you hear about us". We love referrals!

  14. If my child can't attend a class will I get my money back for that class?

    No, there are no refunds after the first day of class.

  15. If my child can't attend a class will I be able to make up the class?

    No, he or she will just attend the next class.

  16. If we can't attend multiple classes or have to withdraw for personal reasons can we get our money back?

    Sorry, there are no refunds after the first day of class. 

  17. How long is the class?

    The clases are 50-60 minutes.

  18. Are You insured?

    Yes, we have full liability and accidental medical insurance.

  19. Do we play other teams?

    No, this is a non competitive program where children learn to love soccer, exercise, play games, learn coordination and agility, and improve their self esteem. We do scrimmage at the end of most practices. to incorporate the rules and skills of soccer in a live game format.

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