CUBS (2-3 Years-Old): Players will learn basic skills of the game, including basic rules, dribbling, shooting, no hands, basic defense, and in which goals to score.

BEARS (4-7 Years-Old): Players will learn passing, more agility and refined dribbling, stronger shooting, better decision making, and more in-depth defense.

Most importantly, kids will learn to love soccer! They will gain confidence as well as self-esteem, they'll learn to play in a team, and practice in a positive, non-competitive environment.

Here’s a brief overview:

·      -Small teams with lots of playing time

·      -Play two times a week (practice and game) for 8 weeks

·      -Professional coaches at practice and games

·      -Uniforms, team photos, medals and end of year celebration

·       -4 on 4, no goalies... lots of running!

·       -2 x 20 minute halves.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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