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Summer Season begins:

July 8th & 9th 2017

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Soccer Kids Fun is an interactive, game-driven development program for kids, that's FUN!  We focus on developing soccer skills, motor skills, agility, healthy habits and love of soccer through FUN games! All the kids are active all the time. We provide weekly classes around the Houston area.  We specialize in children ages 2 to 8 years old.

Our goals are simple:

1. Have FUN! This is our philosophy because at this age, if kids don't have FUN, they will lose interest in soccer. We provide multiple  games per session, with funny names, so all kids are constantly involved and having a blast.

2. No waiting around. We believe kids should be active and engaged at all times.  This means no single-line drills, no elimination drills, and no waiting on the side.  Everyone plays all the games, at all times!

3. Games vs. Drills. We have hundreds of group games that are interactive and improve agility, motor skills, and confidence. We don't believe that standing in line and waiting to perform a drill is the best use of time for kids this age. They will lose attention, start sitting around, get bored and start picking daisies off the ground! Our games have wacky names like: Speed Racers, Rocket Launchers, Get the Coach with the Ball, and more. Kids stay involved, have fun, and remain active.

Sign up today, space is very limited! Hope to see you on the soccer field soon!!